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Developing passionate runners that ACHIEVE results and  BELIEVE in Christ

Outdoor Fitness


A fierce competitive body, and a joyful life, with a unity in running.

We want you to achieve physical success in your running journey. Whether on the Track, on the trail, or just along the way. We believe you were created with for God's greater purpose and want you to have a deeper understanding of how God plays a role in your life. We move to Achieve Results, Believe in God, and create Community in Unity.


June 24 thru June 28
(Mon - Fri) 8am-8pm

All level runners entering the 5th grade, up to or having completed the 12th grade.

These athletes vary by athleticism and will be grouped by experience. If your athlete is entering the 5th grade, or up to or having just completed 12th grade they are eligible by age. 


Registration is open!

What to Expect:
  • Your atheletes will be outside most of the day from 8am - 8pm
  • We will have a brunch to refuel mid morning, a good lunch, and a dinner after 5pm
  • Athletes will enjoy outdoor games and maybe some water play on HOT days.
  • Each day will end with a LIVE band with good clean music (lead by local youth)
  • Running related clinics from a variety organizations and experienced experts
  • Discussion topics to learn about the christian faith and grow in your faith
  • Learn and talk with College and High School level coaches, level up your run knowledge
  • Of course a couple runs and lots of fun creative cross training
  • Create lifelong friendships and amazing memories
  • AND so much more...

What People Are Saying

Learn the excitement and fun of other athletes as they encounter and experience Achieve & Believe Camp

Caleb, 13

Awesome experience at Achieve & Believe Camp. The running is a staple in all of my sports, and learning to run longer distance in good form has been beneficial to my athletic fitness.

Emma, 17

The Achieve & Believe Running Camp was a game-changer for me. I not only improved my endurance and gained great friendships, but I also grew in my faith. 


267 North Mills Avenue, Lodi, CA, USA

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