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We strive to create an environment where athletes have the opportunity to not only train well, but live and be in community well.  Summer is a time for lifelong friendships to be built. We seek to develop the mind, body, soul and spirit through physically running and training, along with Bible studies, worship times, personal mentoring and seminars. Three main target areas for camp: Achieve Results, Believe in God, and Unity in Community.


Achieve Results!

Physically, we aim to train distance runners to excel at all levels of competition, through individual coaching, training and racing dialogue, sports physiology and psychology, and summer heat acclimatization. We are not your seasonal coach, we want to support your training with any knowledge or advice that will help to make you a faster runner!

Believe in God

Spiritually, we aim to train distance runners for Christian life and ministry on their teams, campuses, and communities through seminars, workshops, Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship, and personal devotions, setting a course for a lifetime of faith.  All athletes are welcome and we encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about how to connect their faith with training and competing to come and join us.

Unity in Community

Socially, we aim to create lasting and meaningful friendships among distance runners and coaches alike!  This happens naturally and is unavoidable through attending camp and training/eating/hanging out together!  For this reason alone you will be glad you came. Because what unites us is so much larger than what can divide us.

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